Antidepressants – a short guide

Modern life is very fast, active and eventful. Every day we try to do many things, but such a rhythm affects our mood and our feelings. Then we come to medicine to find a suitable pill. Antidepressants are special medications that treat symptoms of depression. If the patient has anxiety, irritability, tension, longing, anxiety or apathy, then he takes such pills to feel calm. Also, such drugs stabilize the appetite and make sleep healthy and strong. Many people are skeptical of such drugs, another part thinks that it is harmful and dangerous because it causes dependence and disrupts the functioning of organs. But an overdose of any drug can lead to bad consequences and antidepressants can also do this. If to take it correctly, you can feel the necessary peace of mind that is necessary for each of us. And it would be rather safe.

How do antidepressants work?

If we analyze the effect of these pills in more detail, then antidepressants affect the level of neurotransmitters (serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine). That is, such a pill blocks the breakdown of these monoamines. Initially, this drug was created to treat severe depression and not minor negative changes in the psyche. Now such pills are very popular among those who work hard and have little rest. Studies have been conducted where antidepressants were called the placebo but the results were controversial. Other medical studies have shown that these pills help lower the level of substance P in the central nervous system.

Any person has a limit, i.e. a depressive limit. If your condition has not reached this level, then such a drug will be useless to you. It is important to know whether you have depression or is it just accumulated fatigue, slight irritants or lack of sleep. Anxiety and apathy can occur for various reasons, but this cannot be called severe depression, which urgently requires antidepressants for anxiety.

Types of antidepressants:

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors. They can block the neuronal uptake of norepinephrine or serotonin.
Drugs that block the neuronal uptake of monoamines. They can be indiscriminate and selective action.
Monoamine receptor agonists. Specific serotonergic antidepressants can be attributed to this type.

Antidepressants side effects

Such drugs can cause side effects: nausea, headaches, dry mouth, diarrhea, increased (or appearance) anxiety, a feeling of internal tension, dizziness, vomiting, insomnia, nervousness, decreased appetite, and constipation. There may also be muscle hypertonia, flatulence, loose stools, hyperreflexia, myoclonic twitches, hyperthermia, confusion, disorientation symptoms, and ataxia. Also, the patient may have such antidepressant side effects as exchange-endocrine disorders, dysfunctions of the genital area and also the phenomenon of transient orthostatic hypotension. Any type of such pills should be used strictly according to the instructions. Also, undergo a medical examination to find out the features of your body.

Antidepressants and alcohol

Such a drug is not recommended with alcohol. This can lead to a worsening of the symptoms that the patient has. Also, the combination of antidepressants and alcohol can worsen the side effects. Such a mixture can also lead to impaired alertness, drowsiness, and impaired thinking. People with severe depression are at an increased risk of substance abuse and addiction. If the patient has problems with alcohol consumption, you may need treatment for alcohol dependence first. It is important to remember that some liquid medicines, such as cough syrups, may also contain alcohol. Doctors also say that adding a new drug can change the effect of another drug in your body and its reaction to alcohol.

Antidepressants and pregnancy

Many women have problems with mood and psyche when they are pregnant. Such a period can give a lot of disturbances because the hormonal background is completely changing. Depression is also possible during pregnancy and women decide to take antidepressants. But most doctors tell pregnant women with mood disorders to stop taking antidepressants because it can lead to impaired fetal development. But some doctors recommend treating depression with other drugs — herbal antidepressants. It is important to know that depression can increase the risk of premature birth or lead to low birth weight babies.

List of antidepressants

More different drugs of this purpose can be more popular and safer. There is a list of antidepressants that are most often taken by patients because they inspire confidence in their qualitative composition of the components, the effectiveness of the effect and a smaller list of side effects and contraindications.


Can you overdose on antidepressants?

If you take too many antidepressants and do not follow the instructions, you can get their overdose. Among the symptoms of an overdose of such drugs, nausea, vomiting, and blurred vision can be noted. If an antidepressant prescribed by a specialist does not give the desired effect, you should contact your doctor. It is forbidden to increase the dosage of the prescribed drug on your own; otherwise, it will lead to bad consequences. In some cases, there is even a threat to life. In case of an overdose of antidepressants, the patient may experience mild complications or rather serious consequences. Such serious consequences can lead even to death without proper treatment.

Natural antidepressants

There are natural antidepressants that are found in the components of certain foods. You can replace the pills if you have any contraindications to treating depression with medication. Scientists have found about 1700 natural elements that will help you to improve your mood without taking special pills. It is bananas, coffee, pepper, oily fish, kefir, mozzarella, black tea, fresh herbs, dark chocolate, and sea kale. This is not the whole list of products that will help you improve your mental state. But this product is quite affordable and we love them.

It is important to remember that any medications can give side effects, so you can not buy antidepressants without the recommendation of a doctor. There is a set of diseases that may not be compatible with such pills. If you want to help your health and not harm, go through a medical examination and get a prescription with a dosage from a doctor.

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