All truth about painkillers

Pain is an unpleasant sensation that appears in the human body due to various reasons (bruises, sprains, other injuries, disruption of the functioning of internal organs, etc.). The essence of such a sensation as pain is the sending of a signal about the destructive action of the stimulus, which must be found, eliminated, or at least reduced. The occurrence of pain is an irritation of the receptors of the nervous system, so people most often use painkillers to solve this problem. Of course, there are many types of pain, levels of its strength and areas of occurrence. Such drugs also have different actions and give different effects on eliminating various types and foci of pain.

How do painkillers work?

To buy painkillers you need to understand what type of pain you have. Such medications are also taken at the location of the pain. That is, they have a different direction of action. There are painkillers for back pain, for nerve pain, for sciatica, for arthritis, toothache painkillers, and others. It is also important to know that such drugs have 2 types with different effects. You can simply buy some of them at the pharmacy, while others are stronger drugs and should only be sold by prescription from your doctor. Painkillers are of two types:


This is a special type of pain medication that does not have an excessive effect on the central nervous system. They do not cause addiction, do not have a sedative or hypnotic effect. Such drugs are considered safe if they would be taken correctly according to the instructions. Of course, they have side effects, but it depends on the characteristics of your body. These drugs will help to eliminate pain and remove inflammation.


These are strong painkillers; their action is aimed at suppressing the functionality of the nervous system. They change the nature of pain because they affect certain parts of the human brain. Most of these medications create a feeling of euphoria. If you take them for a long time, addiction can also occur. Such pain medications are prescribed mainly for serious diseases such as diseases of the cardiovascular system or oncology.

Painkillers side effects

Any medications can give side effects and painkillers too. It can be irritation of the stomach, ulcers, gastritis, heartburn, blood thinning (which leads to bleeding). There may also be fluid retention in the body that will affect the functioning of some organs. Both types of drugs affect kidney function. You also need to ask your doctor if you have problems with the blood coagulation system or are taking aspirin or various other drugs that thin the blood. It is also important to remember that pain medications can have side effects if the patient has pathology with the kidneys or the gastrointestinal tract. Some patients may have chronic illnesses but do not know about it. It is also important here to undergo a medical examination and take painkillers after a doctor’s appointment. If this is not being done, the adoption of such drugs will not only help to remove the pain but will also aggravate the problem.

Painkillers and alcohol

Doctors prohibit the use of alcohol and pain medication because such a combination enhances the effect of both the drug and alcohol. Even one glass of beer or another low-alcohol drink can be dangerous to your health if you take it with analgesics. There were cases when the consequences of such a mixture were critical right up to a strong reaction and coma.

Painkiller Tips

It is not recommended to take such drugs with products that have citrates. These are fruit juices and carbonated drinks that we love so much. Also, such drugs are incompatible with many (almost all) anti-inflammatory tablets because the first pill will weaken the effect of the second one. Also, doctors do not recommend drinking anesthetic or anti-inflammatory painkillers with tea because there is tannin here. This substance inhibits the effects of almost all medications. Citrus juices and aspirin are also prohibited because this combination will lead to the strongest irritation of the mucous membrane of your stomach. It is best to eat and take an anesthetic with a glass of clean water. Do not eat savory dishes or food with spices, and fish dishes are also not recommended. You can eat light mashed soup, oatmeal or other porridge, and drink jelly.

Best painkillers

If we consider the best and the most powerful painkiller then it will be Morphine. But this drug is rather dangerous and it should only be prescribed by a doctor. Such a drug is prescribed in extreme and very severe cases when the patient simply cannot tolerate pain. There are also opioid painkillers that are taken with common types of pain. They are very effective because they help to remove pain, but they are less dangerous and do not cause addiction. They are very popular and help to remove even periodical female pains or aching teeth pain. Among them:


Natural painkillers

Many people also use traditional medicine, that is, natural painkillers. It can also give the desired effect, but many natural ingredients also give side effects. If the patient does not know the features of his body, then he needs to be careful with natural painkillers. Among these natural substances can be cannabis products (in small doses it has been used for medical purposes in ancient times), Aquamine (a multimineral supplement from algae Lithothamnium calcareum), Capsaicin (the active element that is found in red chili peppers), turmeric, cherry, Basil (this is a type of Tulasi, not a culinary spice), lavender essential oil, ginger, clove oil, rosemary, medicinal chamomile and more.

If you are worried about pain of different types and in different places of your body, then it will be better to undergo a medical examination. Different pain can be as a consequence of simple muscle strain, bruise or accumulated fatigue, but also a precursor of serious diseases. Use painkillers wisely and do not abuse them if the pain returns again. Talk with your doctor to find the cause of the pain and correct it in time.

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